Paxtyn Hicks- Lewis Cass Softball Star


In the world of Lewis Cass sports there are many team accomplishments, but not very many individuals play much after high school. While high school sports do help develop a person’s character, college sports bring a new level of character development. On April 15 of 2021, Lewis Cass senior Paxtyn Hicks made an individual achievement. She signed to play college softball.

Hicks is very excited to have been recruited by Kankakee Junior College to play softball. In an interview, Hicks explained that she didn’t exactly choose this college. They came to one of her games to watch her play. After Kankakee showed their interest in Hicks’ playing abilities, she paid the college a visit and decided she would like to attend this college located in Kankakee, Illinois.

After fourteen years of playing softball, her efforts and joy for the sport were finally noticed. She can’t wait to see the opportunities that will be available after the signing. Hicks’ doesn’t plan on join a professional team, but she does have other goals for college. She hopes to, “improve [her] athletic game and sharpen [her] academic abilities.” Hicks is ready to, “better [herself] in every way possible.”

 Hicks would like to thank everyone who made this signing possible for her. This group would include coaches, teachers, and teammates who made her better and helped her evolve to the point of being signed for college ball. 

In conclusion, hard work can open many doors for great opportunities. Paxtyn Hicks is a Lewis Cass senior softball player. She’s played for fourteen years and intends to continue playing with Kankakee Junior College in Kankakee, Illinois. While the choice was a mix of both the college and Hicks, she’s excited to have more opportunities presented to her. She can’t wait to better herself and continue playing the sport she loves.