Unexpected Adventures

Last week, it was just another regular Friday night until I got a random call from an old friend of mine. She had asked to go on a last minute spontaneous bowling night with some of our friends. The group was rather odd and we stumbled upon many obstacles, but at the end we all made some of the best memories. It was one of those groups where you would never imagine seeing all together outside of school. The group consisted of some seventh graders, sophomores, and even a couple seniors. 

That Friday I was just sitting around my room after a strenuous track practice. I had just gotten off the phone with one of my other close friends when I got the call for bowling. I had not seen her name come up on my phone for a long time so I answered it and that was when she asked if I would want to go hang out with a group of friends. The offer sounded too good and fun to pass up so I immediately went and asked permission to go and when I called back giving an answer, they were in my driveway in less than ten minutes.  

After picking me up from my house we began driving to Kokomo where we would pick up another friend to tag along. We started heading to the bowling alley after that, but my friend is somewhat directionally challenged, as well as I, so I think we might have missed about twenty turns. It was eventually all okay since we still made it. Although, on the way there we were playing this card game that was actually pretty fun. I don’t remember the name of the game but I am pretty sure I definitely lost. 

We got to the bowling alley and kind of just sat there for a minute before getting in line to buy a lane. Some of us had to use the restroom so that is where we went while the others stayed in the arcade area and played air hockey. After returning from the restroom we got in line for a lane. Sadly, by the time we made it to the front there were no lanes left and the cashier told us that it would probably be about eleven o’clock before there were open lanes. So we went to the mall for a while and played a game of hide and seek. That probably sounds really dumb like it would not be fun at all because that is what I thought at first too. After the first round of hiding I found out that it was actually really fun. 

Then after about an hour of being at the mall we left and headed back to the bowling alley, but after parking my friend realized she had forgotten her wallet somewhere. So we went back to Target and looked everywhere we had walked but we didn’t find anything. On our way back to the customer help desk we saw another group of friends there and it was kind of awkward. After seeing them though we went to the desk and found out that someone had actually turned the wallet into the lost and found. So we potentially lost about ten minutes walking around half an hour before closing time when we could have just gone to the customer service desk in the first place. We drove back to be told that we had to make reservations. It was like we could not catch a single break that night!

We decided to just leave and grab some food but Buffalo Wild Wings had a long wait as well so Rally’s it was. While ordering our food some crazy lady and her friend honked at us so we were on watch the entire time we ate outside. Yet again, someone else had left their keys and we had to quickly skirt right back to the bowling alley before it closed. It is safe to say we got home very very late. It was a miracle everyone was not grounded. Even though we eventually never ended up bowling, we still had fun with the many many unexpected journeys we had. All in all it was a fun trip and I hope we do it again. Even though there was nothing organized or planned about it all the random things we did ended up making a great time.