The Lewis Cass Student Section



Lewis Cass High School is known for many things including its rich athletic history, FFA presence, and wonderful academics. One thing I wish to include is the student section. The student section can be one of the craziest and wild groups of them around in these surrounding areas. A good student section can make your Friday night and turn the outcome of the game around and make the Kings win the game. As this being said I’m going to give you more reasons on why you should be coming to Lewis Cass Athletics and why you should be in the Student Section. 


First of all, coming to the games is always a great time and you will make memories that you will remember for the rest of your life. For example, my sophomore year when I painted up when we went to West Lafayette and beat them for the Hoosier Conference football championship. I will always remember that night due to how amazing that night was being there and going crazy with my close friends. I will also remember nights such as Andrean where we lost to them in regionals. The sadness in the car and watching my favorite seniors get emotional. 

Next, is the Student Section is all one big family during the games and I truly believe that. Before the games, we tailgate out the football field and we play spike ball, listen to music, and just have a good time. There’s never a time when something goes bad. Everyone is trying to have a good time before the game and it makes for a fun time with your friends. 


The Paint Crew makes how the Student Sections run. The Paint Crew are the people in the front row with their chest painted and the ones being the craziest and loudest people you’ve ever seen. The crew includes the likes of Dawson Goldsberry, Jack Miller, Jack Salyers, Gannon Davis, Noah Preston, Karson Albright, Adam Bandelier, and Ethan Johnson. A good paint crew leads to a good student section and we have a wonderful crew this year. 

The Student Section is a fun place to be and all I’m asking is next time you’re at a game come and sit there. It’s a great time and you will truly enjoy it. Bring your friends for even more people. The more people in the section the louder it will be for the opposing team. I hope to see you during both football and basketball season!