Is Joe Biden Mentally Able to be President?

Is Joe Biden Mentally Able to be President?

Most presidents have made questionable decisions while in office. Some of these decisions are worse than others.  In November 1995, President Bill Clinton began an affair with 22-year-old Monica Lewinsky, who had begun an unpaid internship in the office of White House Chief of Staff Leon Panetta that summer and earned a paid position in the White House that December. Another bad decision was when William Henry Harrison delivered the longest inaugural address in U.S. history, and then he came down with pneumonia that made his 30-day presidency the shortest in U.S. history.  These were very bad decisions and could have been avoided but each of the presidents decided to make them. One president that has made many questionable choices is the current president, Joe Biden. 

Joe Biden’s first two questionable choices were made during his first few days in office. His first was canceling the Keystone Pipeline. This panders to environmental activists but really has no effect on global warming. Being carried on trucks and trains, the oil will still flow. With the deficit being made up of oil from Saudi Arabia and Russia, the effects are minimal to the environment. What Joe Biden did hurt were American jobs. The second bad decision he made was an executive order allowing transgender athletes to compete within the gender they identify as. Whether this is right or wrong can have a whole other article written about it, but was this really a political priority? Was this something important enough to have an executive order made in the first few days of his presidency? I think that there are many more important issues that need to be discussed before something that only a small percentage of the population support. 

To continue, President Biden also has continued to make terrible decisions in regard to the events occurring in Afghanistan. Because of the Biden Administration’s rush to withdraw from Afghanistan by its self-enforced end of August deadline, a suicide bomber killed 13 U.S. service personnel, sadly one from our own community, and a still unknown number of American citizens. Though Biden made the decision, the President continues to shift blame away from himself, even going far enough as to unfairly accuse the U.S. military. Biden also tried to blame the Trump administration, saying he was only trying to keep the agreement that was made during the previous president’s time in office. This is seen as a joke of an excuse to most because Biden has not seemed to have the conviction to honor any other plans made by the Trump administration. 

This brings me to my final point. What is Joe Biden’s mental state?  Is he mentally fit enough to run a country? There is plenty of cause for concern. While running for his presidency, Biden announced “I think we can win back the House” and promised to ban the “AR-14.” He mistook Super Tuesday for “Super Thursday,” and forgot the words of the Declaration of Independence, saying “We hold these truths to be self-evident. All men and women are created, by then, you know, you know the thing.” He also claimed during a debate that “150 million people have been killed [by guns] since 2007” (which would be nearly half the U.S. population). These are just a few of many examples of reasons that Joe Biden seems to be unfit to be the President of the United States. 

To finalize, Biden has already made many terrible decisions and he is only a year into his presidency. As he continues forward into the future, we can only hope that he does not make any more unfixable mistakes that could be avoided. There is no excuse for what he has done this year, especially when seeing up close the effects on communities such as Cass county.