My 4-H Experience


  Imagine being a part of an organization that has created many lifelong friendships and experiences with strangers from your county, state, and nation. 4-H is an organization that I am proud to be a part of. 4-H is an organization that helps provide children with life skills throughout projects, activities, meetings, clubs, demonstrations, and the fair. Through my many years in this organization, I have become better as a person, developed new friendships, found what I am truly passionate about, helped out in the community, and tried new things.

  First, being a tenure 4-H member has shown how much I have improved over the years with public speaking, helping others, and being adventurous. I was always scared of the livestock during my early years within the program, but once I saw my cousins show I was intrigued. Once I worked with them out on the farm, I finally got to show steers and calves for the past seven years. I also have done the baking projects since the start, and have learned how to communicate properly with the judges. Public speaking is one of the many life skills that this organization has brought into my life, and I am very grateful for this opportunity so I can be prepared for my future.

  Next, finding out that educating the community about agriculture was one of my passions was one of the benefits of this program with the help of FFA. I love engaging with younger members about their upcoming animals and projects. I learned that having a mentor early on in the organization would help me become more active in this organization. I also have enjoyed giving demonstrations for contests and being a camp counselor during my summers with middle-aged members to help them experience more opportunities. I hope that one day the younger members will look forward to helping out their fellow members as I did.

  Finally, 4-H has brought friends together by trying new experiences and giving back to the community. I have got to travel across the state by participating in projects and showing livestock. 4-H has brought me great friends from many different states such as Florida, Oklahoma, Texas, Tennessee, and Kentucky. I also have gained close friendships with others at the county fair. One of my favorite memories is when three of my friends and I were all in the same showing class, and it was a tough but friendly competition to see who won. One of the traditions that have grown with my friends that will be missed next year is having a water fight in the wash racks. I could not be more thankful for all the memories that I have created with these friends throughout the years in this organization.


  In conclusion, 4-H is an enjoyable organization that educates the youth and public about the importance of agriculture and giving back to the community. There are many ways you can get involved within the program. Overall, 4-H has several benefits that have set me up for my future with passions, life skills, community service, friendships, and experiences. I am very thankful for being able to be involved for the past ten years, and it makes it very tough to say goodbye.