Have you ever asked yourself how the world originated?Have you ever thought about why we have some instinct to do certain activities ? Have you ever thought about how we are born with some knowledge without nobody teaching them to us? If yes I’m sure you would like philosophy.

The term philosophy,originated from the Greek’s words philo ( which means love) and sophia (that means wisdom ), is  basically a subject that is focused on the human experience and universe. In fact, all the subject is based on the consideration of the reality as a whole and abstract human experience and life. That means that every single aspect of the men and the world in general is studied deeply in the philosopher mind, who using different tools and reflecting on his thoughts ,comes to a conclusion with which he comes with a thesis about that argument.This tolls are also known as questioning, critically discussing,rationally argumenting and systemically presenting.

During the years, numerous philosophers have been studying and trying to find new theories or thesis about human existence and  human behavior. Philosophy originated in Greece and the major representative of this was Aristotle .He was a philosopher, polymath and teacher and founder of the Liceum, a school of philosophy and aristotelian tradition. He wrote numerous books that can be divided into 5 main categories that nowadays are real subjects: logic, science, metaphysics , rhetoric and ethics . 

However, back in my country, Philosophy is a mandatory class in high school, but besides that it is one of my favorite subjects. In fact, I love studying about the past and the men that helped make progress in the world. Moreover you get to study the thoughts of many of the most important men that ever lived and it’s really interesting to get to learn the way in which they perceive the reality and understand the Human nature.It is also really fascinating since you get to compare all this information and thesis between many philosophers and try to find things in common and things that are different between them. Furthermore, it’s exciting to try to guess and understand why philosophers feeled the world the way that their thesis says and doing this you will be asking yourself also the same questions, discuss them and come to a conclusion.

For these reasons I think that Philosophy should be a subject in high school, since it requires the students to understand, study ,discuss and critically analyze the past but also force them to ask themselves deep questions, analyze them and share them with others and really understand human nature and the student’s nature itself. It is a wonderful subject that helps open your mind and also relief mind  stress by trying to understand its nature.