News and Journalism Class


Choosing the classes you are going to take throughout high school can be stressful. On top of your boring classes such as math, English, science, and social studies, you want to choose fun, interactive classes. There are not many options you can choose unless you want to take an art class. The issues with art classes are that not everybody enjoys art and in those classes you aren’t interacting with other students very often. Here at Lewis Cass there is a great class you can take if you are searching for a fun environment that brings you closer to other students. That class is called news and journalism. News and journalism is located in the library and is taught by our librarian, Mr. Grostefon. 

The first part of the news and journalism is the news part of the class. This part is very fun and interactive. Every other week we make Kings’ Cast episodes. Kings’ Cast episodes are news videos that we also add fun segments too. The staff gets to work together and bring others in for the episodes. We have free-range to make whatever segments we think would be important to know or fun to watch. We get to work with cameras, which most people don’t get the opportunity to do in their lifetime. It also gives us the opportunity to work on our social skills by having us do various interviews. 

The second part of news and journalism is the journalism part.  Every other week we are assigned to write an article for the Kings’ Courier. We have free range to pick whatever we would like to write about. Some examples of things we can write about are opinions, news, sports, student life, and even more. These articles are available for anybody to read. Having free range to decide what to write about makes the writing fun. Another fun assignment we get to do in the class is do reviews. You can choose from a Kokomo tribune, Pharos tribune, or drudge report review. It encourages us to read the news and sometimes there are news articles that are very interesting to hear about. 

My experience of being a part of the news and journalism staff has been fun. I am glad I chose to take this class. Even though I don’t like writing very much, this class has brought me to like it a little more than before. My favorite part of this class is making the Kings Cast episodes. I like helping work the cameras and coming up with fun segments every other week. The staff this year is myself, Ethan Johnson, Erika Johnson, Kadence Miller, Kyah Preston, Noah Preston, Cole McCloskey, Luke Chambers, Elijah Beard, and LJ Hillis. Elijah Beard is our amazing editor in chief. His job is to edit all the Kings Cast videos. He also makes sure the Kings Courier is nice and organized. 

If you are looking for a fun class to take for one of your high school classes, I would definitely recommend this class. There are many opportunities when taking this class that you usually wouldn’t get. It is also fun to make new friends and make fun memories throughout the school year in this class. It is laid back and you have lots of opportunities to take creative liberties. When choosing your next year’s classes, consider taking the news and journalism class.