Cheer Overnight


Senior year is your last year to experience the activities you only get to do during high school. One main thing that most seniors go through is their last’s in their high school sports, whether that be their last game or their last team bonding experience. I experienced my last cheer overnight this past weekend. This year was a little different than what my other years have been like. Usually, we go for a team dinner at Taku, stay up late decorating all the halls of the school, and then go to bed. This year we only got to decorate a little to show our equality between all the sports. This left us lots of time for other activities such as stunting and swimming. 

The first thing we did was meet at a Taku restaurant for dinner. I do not like any food at Taku but still enjoy the experience. A tradition I have had throughout the years is eating Panera for my dinner before having a fun experience at Taku with my teammates. At Taku, we play a game called telephone. This game emphasizes the harm that comes with gossiping. It shows how words can be twisted. After Taku, we all drove back to the school for the overnight. I drove two of my favorites on the team Emma Nelson and Kadin Robertson. On the way, we stopped for a slushie at the gas station in Galveston. 

The second part of the night was the fun activities. This year we got the opportunity to swim. The team played all kinds of games in the pool and also jumped off the diving board. I tried to do different dives I had learned my freshman year when I dove for a week and a half. I also tried to balance on the surfboard with some of my friends at the same time. Another fun activity we got to do is stunting for fun. We switched people around in spots they normally wouldn’t do. We had some of the flyers’ switched to base or back spots, and some of the bases flew. I enjoyed this a lot because I always thought flying would be fun. I also liked to watch all the different people have fun trying new things. We also got to stunt the coaches’ kids. 

The part of the night was the senior prank. Almost every year the seniors plan a prank on the rest of the team. This year we set up a fake scavenger hunt. There were different places that the teams were supposed to go to and take a picture in. In each place there was a different man with a creepy mask on. The first spot the team went to was the auxiliary gym. The senior stayed back and watched as the team got scared and ran away. We thought that after the first spot they would be done and realize the prank, but for some reason they kept going. They kept getting scared in the different spots in hopes they would win the big prize at the end. To their disappointment there was no big prize at the end like we told them. I am glad that we did a prank and that it was successful. 

Overall I had a really good time at my last cheer overnight. Although I thought I was going to be really disappointed we didn’t get to decorate, I still enjoyed what we did instead. I feel like the whole night was a great last bonding experience of the season, and prepared us for the upcoming sectionals.