High School Sports


Sports in high school can benefit kids in so many different ways. Not only do they help keep kids physically active, they also help teach life lessons and skills. They learn skills like how to have sportsmanship, and how to work better with others. Sports can also help kids with skills like how to have better self confidence while performing in front of a crowd.

Being physically active as a kid and teenager is very important.  One study done at the university of Utah found that kids who participated in sports had stronger muscles and bones than those who did not. They also said that being active in sports will also help keep their heart healthy because it improves cardiovascular endurance. Being on a team can also help kids with social interactions, teamwork, and leadership skills. Everyone on the team has to work together or they won’t end up with the results that they wanted. Kids can become closer with the people on their team, and gain better friendships. 

Another skill that sports can help kids develop is confidence. Physical activity can enhance a child’s self-perceptions of body, competence and self-worth. On a team you are never alone and you always have someone rooting you on. You can always ask another template for help or if you need something. It has also been shown that teens that participate in sports are more likely to have better grades, and not participate in drugs. They have to keep a clean record so that they are able to continue playing.

Sports are a way that kids can measure their growth and success. No matter what sport they are playing they can continue to track this. Kids can see themselves get better at something they enjoy doing. If they get better and start winning more games it will give them confidence to keep trying to get better. It will be something that they want to go do everyday. Kids will also learn time management and planning while being on a team. They have to know when they need to be at practices or games to make sure they are there on time. They have to plan other activities around their sports. 

That is why sports can be very beneficial to kids, and teens. They learn so many new skills like leadership, confidence, time management, and planning. Sports also help kids stay healthy and physically active. Kids make so many new friends while playing not only from their one team but also from other teams. As a teenager I would recommend every student to try many sports in highschool. It will give them so much experience that they didn’t have before.