The Tooth Occurence

Timid. All that early Monday morning Jack felt uneasy about the procedure later in the day. He dreaded the idea of getting his wisdom teeth pulled out for an insurmountable amount of time, but now that the time drew even closer he felt an extreme level of anxiety. His mother forced for him to get his teeth pulled so that she “would not waste so much money making your mouth straight for those teeth to ruin it.” As he thought about what could possibly happen, he could only think of the worst possible scenarios out of the situation. His gums swelling up so large that he looked like a chipmunk played the most prevalent scenario in his mind. He could not have ever planned for what happened during the procedure however as he left in his beaten up, rusted out car toward the malicious dentist’s office.

As he arrived at the dentist’s office, he grew even more anxious for the procedure as his eyes met the eyes of the dentist. A man in his mid fifties with metallic white hair and a very reassuring smile that everything would be all right came out and told him that the procedure was to begin. Jack walked as slowly as possible through the narrow hall to the room of the procedure behind the doctor who dressed in white scrubs. As he sat down, his anxiety peaked with the first shot in his mouth that signaled the long awaited procedure to begin.

Sitting with his eyes closed in the small cramped room with several people watching on as if the procedure would be the best entertainment they experienced all day, Jack felt uneasy about the growing crowd. Feeling the shooting pain through his body, Jack did his best to hold it together although a tear did fill the corner of his eyes several times. The doctor jerked and pulled away at three teeth for the better part of ninety minutes before he noticed that the last tooth would be the most difficult due to the peculiar shape of the tooth resembling a kidney bean. As he began to cut into the bloody gums, the doctor realized that this tooth would be the most difficult one he had ever got out of the mouth of a patient. He labored on getting the extensive large roots out of the gums for the next forty minutes until he almost reached exhaustion. Jack now in serious discomfort felt the blood pooling in the bottom of his throat; this only doubled his anxiety about the tooth being the obstacle between him in the dentist chair and on his couch.

Jack, exhausted by the sheer amount of pressure on his mouth for the past two hours, sat motionless with little movement of his eyes. With little else the doctor could think of to get the tooth out, he resorted to a pair of pliers. The doctor without warning Jack pulled the tooth out swiftly and examined the tooth that plagued him. The extensive roots resembled that of a large sycamore tree he had recently dug up in his backyard. In the next few minutes as he examined the tooth, the doctor believed that the tooth had extraordinary powers based on the odd shape and extensive roots that he had never found in the mouth of a patient. In the meantime, Jack wondered how much more pain he could have even experienced, but he did not realize the oncoming pain the next several days. Also, he thought about the tooth that caused him so much pain in his life and asked the doctor if he could take the tooth home with him to look at it more when he was not in so much pain. The doctor agreed despite his own interest to examine the tooth further.

During the next couple days, Jack’s face swelled larger than he could ever imagined making his cheeks look like he has water balloons in his mouth. As he thought about his own pain and misery his mind drifted to the tooth. Finding the tooth still as large as it had been soon after being pulled out of his mouth, Jack decided the best way to get rid of the bad luck he had been experiencing after getting the tooth pulled was to bury it in his backyard. Soon after he buried the tooth, a large amount of Cheyenne Indians from the surrounding states and as far away as Wyoming and Montana flocked to the area surrounding his home claiming that something special would occur here. He continually shooed the Native Americans away, but they always returned in greater numbers than before.

Still convinced that the tooth had extraordinary powers, the doctor called to check on Jack asking how his mouth was coming. Jack proceeded to tell the doctor that the tooth flocked a large number of animals to the area where the tooth sat. The doctor still intrigued researched the significance of a tooth with that shape and root system and learned that the shape symbolized an ancient Cheyenne Indian belief that a kidney bean shaped tooth enriched life and the beholder would experience a large influx of good luck and live an eternal life. The doctor became convinced that the tooth became his destiny once he removed it from Jack’s mouth. On his arrival at Jack’s house, the doctor soon realized the tooth came with a great amount of power that he could not possibly handle especially being the shy and reserved person that he had been since his childhood.

Knowing that Jack deserved the power and respect of having a long eternal life, the doctor proceeded to tell him the truth about the tooth which put him in a position to become a man that stood as the man that would transform his own life to become a powerful, long living man. WIth the large amount of Cheyenne Native Americans milling around his home, Jack decided that the path from the tooth that gave him so much pain would be the best thing to happen to him. After proclaiming to the people outside his home waiting around his home that he had found a kidney bean tooth in his mouth, Jack soon became showered with gifts and requests to become the leader of their tribal community. Overcome with emotion and support Jack left his home in Indiana to become the eternal leader that lived among the Cheyenne people on their reservation for his time thanking the tooth that brought him so much pain for the greatest and most important calling of his life.

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