Kings' Courier

Technology and Laziness

Ashton McClain

October 18, 2013

Throughout time, technology has always been there, although it was never as hi-tech as it is now. Day by day our devices become smarter than us. From car doors that open with a button, a fingerprint to unlock your phone, and being able to turn your lights off with just an app, technology is advancing...

A New Kind of Learning

Sydney Sofronici, Sophomore Writer

September 26, 2013

When people ask me how I got so good at the “science thing,” I explain that my general understanding of things like biology, chemistry, and a little bit of physics come from my dad. From an early age I was encouraged to ask questions and some of my best memories involve his lengthy but thorough explanations...

Louie Zamperini lived a life that led to Christianity

Sam Martin, Junior Editor

September 26, 2013

  The structure of the book Unbroken gives the reader the idea that the protagonist, Louie Zamperini, lived a life full of obstacles. These obstacles challenged Louie’s faith, character, and spirit. Louie would never give in to the pain, his hope and pride would not let him fail himself, his fa...

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