The Nuremberg Trial

When we read The Diary of Anne Frank in class you could see the pain of all the characters. You could see how terribly they were treated by the Natzis, and how hard it made their life. Everyone who was affected as a Jew needs to be remembered and needs to be thought of in the future. s were a series of trials bringing the Holocoust war criminals to justice.

The Nuremberg trials brought the largest war criminals of the Holocoust to justice. The Nuremberg trials were held in Nurmeberg Germany from Nov. 20th, 1945 through Oct. 1, 1946. Within this short time period over two hundred Nazis and war criminals were brought to justice, and 13 trials overall were held.

The defendants where the highest ranking military officers, nazi party officials, and german industriliasts, laweyers and doctors. Many men who were going to be tried in Nuremberg Germany commited suicide along with Adolf Hitler who is believed to have comitted suicide. These men were charged on 4 accounts. 1. Crimes against peace 2. Crimes against humanity 3. War crimes 4. “A common plan or conspiracy to commit.”

The International Military Tribunal created the London Agreement of August 8, 1945. Representatives from the United States, Great Britain, Soviet Union, and France signed an agreement and charter for the International Military Tribunal to conduct the Nuremberg Trials. Later the International Military Tribunal was given the power to put/ find any individual guilty of the four major war crimes.

The first trial known as the most important trial was presided over by the Soviet Union judge Nikitchenko. During this trial the twenty four top most criminal Nazi leaders where charged, and six nazi organizations where charged upon four accounts. After two hundered and sixteen court sessions twenty two out of the orginally twenty four men where charged, Robert Lee commited suicide while in prison and Mr. Halbach’s health prevented him from being tried. Only three men in the first trial were released from court and not charged on any account. Four men were placed in prison from ten to twenty years, out of these four men one was held for ten years, two were held for fifteen years, and one was held for twenty years. Three of these men were placed in prison for life including Rusdolph Hess, Walther Funk, and Erich Raeder. The remaining twelve men were sentenced to death. Ten of these men were hung on October sixteenth 1946. Martin Bormann was tried and condemned to death in Absentia. Hermann Goring committed suicide before he was executed with the other ten men on October 16, 1946.

The Nuremberg Trials brought Justice to many Nazis and brought relief to many Jews that survived the holocoust. The Nuremberg trials are related to the Diary of Anne Frank in so many ways. Anne and many of the secret annex members were affected by how these leaders that were brought to justice treated the Jews, and how unimaginable and miserable they made their lives.

The Nuremberg trials are so important to history in the way they showed how warfare that was against the law was tolerated. History was impacted in so many unimaginable ways through World War 2 and the holocaust that we don’t want to repeat history. History has an amazing way of showing the truth of our past world. Americans are treating other races so terribly right now and we need to learn the importance of the past and remember what happened so we can stop these things from happening now and in the future.