What is Tik Tok?

What is Tik Tok?

The following is a conversation between three people; Reshma, Mia, and Christian. The topic is Tik Tok. The topic question is; What is Tik TokOne person doesn’t know what Tik Tok is and is asking questions. Read the following to find out what happens, and what the answer might be. Devin is one of the editors.


Reshma: So what is Tik Tok really?

Mia: How do you not know what Tik Tok is?

Christian: Yes how?


Mia: Ok then, Tik Tok is a filming app sort of like social media. Do you know what social media is? 

Christian: Please let her know what social media is.

Reshma: No not really.

Mia: Social media is like a social app where you can talk to people and chat about random stuff.

Christian: Wow just wow.

Reshma: Why would you want to do that (not to be rude.)

Mia: I don’t know, I guess it is just for fun.R

Christian: I just talk to my friends on social media.

Reshma: I don’t really understand the fun in that but ok.

Christian: You don’t really understand what?

Reshma: Why people enjoy being on social media so much.

Mia: She didn’t even know what social media was.

Chrisitan No way! How?

Reshma: I have never grown up around that sort of stuff. I don’t have a phone, I deal with it.

Mia’: What are you growing up with?

Reshma: My parents are big fans of old school stuff and books. I would not live without books.

Christian: Are you hearing this?

Mia: Yes, we just have to do our best to explain this. 

Reshma: Ok back to our original topic Tik Tok.

Mia: Right.

Reshma: You have just finished explaining what social media is.

Christian: Do you know what Facebook is?

Reshma: Yes, my parents have an account.

Mia: Tik Tok is an app, where people can make videos to entertain  other viewers . People also use Tik Tok to watch videos when they get bored, or to support other people’s content.