Alec Baldwin

Acting can be risky business. This proved to be especially true when Alec Baldwin shot fellow cast member Halyna Hutchkins on set. Baldwin’s character was making an arrest in the scene and accidentally shot the loaded gun and killed Hutchkins. Directors of the show have no idea how the gun was loaded, let alone with a real bullet. It’s up in the air on who’s responsible for the mistake. Many would say it’s Baldwins as he was the one holding the gun and he has worked on multiple sets with guns before. The directors also went over the gun safety rules with him before filming, yet he still shot a loaded gun. Others might say the fault is with the directors who allowed a loaded gun and real bullets on set. Others yet might say everyone involved is at fault. The directors and Baldwin could’ve checked the gun, the directors could’ve been more careful with what they allowed on set,  and Baldwin could’ve been more careful with the gun. The gun safety rules could’ve and should’ve been followed much more closely, and everyone could’ve and should’ve been much more careful. No matter who the fault comes down to and no matter what is found to be the cause of a loaded gun on set, everyone involved is responsible. Baldwin shot, the directors weren’t careful and didn’t pay enough attention, and whoever put that gun on set caused the entire accident to happen in the first place.