The Perfect Body?


In life, everyone is shaped and built differently. Some people naturally have a larger built body type than others; on the other hand, some people naturally have a smaller built body type than others. This is something that we can all relate to. We all have different sizes of clothes, shoes, and apparel that we get. Recently, there have been a lot of changes on how we look at these larger and smaller built people. There are always going to be people who judge how you look, but celebrities such as Lizzo, have tried to stop this. There has been a large movement in trying to look at everyone equal. I think that this is amazing. No one should be discouraged or frowned upon because of how they look; however, I believe this is true so long as they are considered healthy. Not everyone has to run 5 miles or lift weights every day of their life, but I believe that everyone should try to stay physically active not for the purpose of looking good for societies’ standards, but for their body’s health. 

Being healthy does not mean that you have to be the skinniest or strongest individual. Having the proper blood work checked and cleared is what matters. There were studies that found obese people had perfect bloodwork and were considered clinically healthy. This caused a disruption in the way we looked at being healthy. Why would it matter if you are obese and your blood work is great? Time. Time is the reason this is not okay. In a 2017 study published the Journal of the American College of Cardiology, showed after 5-10 years that these obese people considered healthy at the time were actually now unhealthy. Their bloodwork came back and the doctors were encouraging physical activity. These obese people are usually healthy for a little when they are young, but when their body has to catch up they won’t be. When you get to that later state, it is going to be harder to get back to that healthy state of your body. The later you wait to get healthy, the harder it will be to reach that goal. With time, it is still very possible though. That is what most people don’t realize about physical activity. Everyone wants a diet or program that will make them lose weight or get strong, but the key factor is time. Unfortunately, a lot of people will quit after a week or so because of not seeing the results they desire. If you really want to accomplish your goal, go out and don’t let anything stop you. 

Smaller built individuals are not always healthy either. They might appear smaller and healthier, but have underlying issues. Being smaller can also be as unhealthy as being overweight. Your body just deals with its problems a little differently. Smaller people trying to gain weight might experience excessive sweating, excess fat gain, and sluggishness. There is no perfect weight or body fat percentage that anyone needs to be at, but your body will tell you the direction to go. If you are gaining a lot of fat, your body will increase metabolism, decrease appetite, and increase sweating. If you are losing too much fat, your body will increase your hunger, decrease metabolism, and could mess with your testosterone or menstrual cycles depending on gender. That is pretty much what is called the dual intervention model. It means that instead of a single body fat setpoint, there are two points that are a boundary for a set range of body fat percentages where the body is most comfortable. If you go above or below these ranges of comfortability for the body, side effects will come into play. 

In conclusion, everyones’ body is going to be different. I still believe that everyone should try to stay physically active to increase overall health. Diet plays a huge part in health as well. For the most part, your body will react to what you’re eating and your doctor can help with any questions you have about your health. Then you can make a decision on if you want to try to change something about it. Having a goal is ideal. You can track your progress and see results. Keep in mind the dual intervention model while going on your journey. Everyone has a different body and different ranges of set points. Don’t work yourself up over trying to look like something you’re not. Have fun with it. Having fun and not going crazy will help you out a lot. No one is perfect, but as long as you are healthy and having fun, that is what’s important.