Me Before You


Recently, I rewatched one of my favorite movies, Me Before You. If you’ve never seen the movie, well, beware of spoilers. This movie describes the story of Louisa Clark and Will Traynor, from the day they meet to the day he dies. With classic enemies to lovers trope and a tragic ending, this movie is the perfect rom-com.

I simply love how realistic some parts of the movie are. For example, Louisa gets fired because the place she was working is shutting down. Lou then looks for a job for weeks before finding a job suitable to her abilities. Though quadriplegia isn’t a very common thing, Will was hit by a motorcycle and paralyzed from the neck down. Lou is hired as a caregiver for Will. 

If there is one thing not to like about the movie it’s definitely Patrick, Lou’s boyfriend. Patrick is very self centered and controlling of Lou. He never took her wants and feelings into consideration when planning events such as holidays. His birthday present to her was a necklace with his name, and he tried to get Lou to quit her job to spend more time with him.

Now that I’ve mentioned some things to like and dislike about the movie, it’s time to talk about the genius set up of the plot. In typical Hallmark and Hollywood fashion, the events of the movie are pure chance, both some of the best and worst luck. The movie starts with two tragic events: Will’s accident and Lou getting fired. Of course from here there’s only up. Lou gets the job as Will’s caregiver. At first Will despises Lou and hates his mother for hiring her too. One day the two get into an argument that turns things around. They begin to become friends and get closer. They go to concerts and horse races, and Patrick begins to notice Lou being gone so often. At first, Patrick tries to get Lou to quit, but eventually he comes around and realizes he’s been quite rude. Well, that’s until he finds out about the upcoming trip Lou and Will are taking at which point he breaks up with Lou. On the trip, Lou and Will have another dispute, a lovers quarrel if you will, that causes Lou to leave as soon as they get back home. When Lou realizes she made a mistake, she leaves for Switzerland immediately. In the end, Will commited assisted suicide and Lou fullfilled his wish that she would one day spread her wings and claim the world as her own.

Now the plot is clearly a rollercoaster, but what is the reason for all of the trips and outings? Well, as I aforementioned, Will commited assisted suicide because he was tired of being in constant pain and not being able to move on his own or do anything on his own. Once Lou found out he promised his parents six months before he went to Switzerland, she started planning events that would hopefully show him that life could be worth living, even in a wheelchair. For six months Will and Lou went on outings and little dates, Lou trying to change his mind and Will trying to make the girl he loved happy. The best trip they took was sadly the last. They went to a beachy area where they spent time together. Towards the end of the trip the pressure really starts to build. Lou indirectly brings up Switzerland and begs Will to stay. Through his tears Will explains that he can’t live this life of pain anymore. The journey is unique and blissful with a painful twist. 

There is nothing quite like Me Before You. The journey is unique to only Will and Lou who follow the classic pattern of enemies to lovers. The two grow tremendously both as individuals and a pair. They stick with each other through many devastating events like Patrick breaking up with Lou and Will’s ex-girlfriend inviting him to her wedding. It’s a timeless, blissful love story with a unique and painful twist. If you’re ever feeling down and want a movie to help distract you, I’d recommend Me Before You as a top choice.