Congress approves $1.9T virus relief bill

Fantastic politically-charged article from the Kokomo Tribune writer, Alan Fram. Fram goes over how the new virus relief bill barely passed with a 220-211 lead, right along party lines. Fram then goes on to explain what the bill will do, why it is such a contentious issue among the parties, and how the members of each party have reacted to the passing of the bill. Fram does an amazing job of giving one side’s take and immediately either discrediting them or giving the other sides take. Often they brought up a point one party member said about the passing of the bill and then, right after, gave another quote or point that makes said person seem very hypocritical. Overall, this was a fantastic article that manages to stay in the middle despite being over such a hot topic. If you yourself want to read this article, you can find it on the front page of the Kokomo Tribune for March 11, 2021.