Winter With You


Kings Collective performing “White Winter Hymnal”

Christmas is a wonderful time of year. So full of joy and laughter. People going on trips to see family and friends. Lights and decorations are everywhere. People hosting dinners and planning parties. Gift exchanges and games. The holiday season is just amazing in general. However, none of these are my favorite part of the holiday season. Each year, the choirs perform a Christmas concert, and this year was the best one  yet.
The sixth grade choir, Kings Crescendos, have made amazing progress since the first concert this year. I can’t wait to watch them make even more progress throughout the year. Their three songs, “Ring-a Ring-a Ring”, “When We’re Together”, and “Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree”, stole the hearts of the crowd. They had so much energy and put all of their effort into their performance. I can’t wait to see what they’ll do next, and I hope they continue to progress.
The junior high choir, Kings Chorus, gave the crowd a good laugh with their opening song “Don’t Be a Jerk, It’s Christmas”. Their execution of this song was amazing. They followed this song with “Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer”, “Winter Cannon”, and “Hot Chocolate”. Their performance and execution of each of these songs was amazing and full of energy. I’m proud of their improvements, and I hope they continue this energy into next semester.
The junior high auditioned choir, Kings Chorale, made multiple appearances throughout the night. These girls never failed to impress us with their singing and dancing skills. They performed an acapella version of “Carol of the Bells”,  “Sparklejollytwinklejingley” from the musical Elf, and “Santa Tell Me”. The bright and sparkly performances were so full of energy the entire auditorium was buzzing. I hope these girls continue to do great things.
The high school choir, Kings Charisma, my choir, performed a block of three songs. The first one “I Want to Stare at My Phone with You” was a poke at today’s age of a technology-addicted society, we followed with “Where Are You Christmas?”, and, the hardest to learn, “Like It’s Christmas”. It was amazing to watch the improvement from the first day we got our music to the concert, and I can’t wait to share more concerts with you all.
While all the choirs did amazing, the high school auditioned choir really stole the show. Kings Collective, just like Chorale, made appearances throughout the concert. They opened the concert with “Jolly Jingle Christmas Medley” which sounded beautiful and looked just as amazing. They proceeded to blow the crowd away with a loving performance of “Winter with You”. They  then gave us a heart-melting, tear shedding  performance of “I Just Called to Say I’ll Be Home” which was my personal favorite song of the concert. They wrapped up the performances of individual choirs with the red bow of an acapella “White Winter Hymnal”.
Following all the individual choirs, all choirs performed “Christmas Canon”. This song was also performed at last year’s Christmas concert. This choir Christmas tradition includes all choirs and graduating seniors. The dimly lit auditorium filled with sound and faint candle light as the choirs joined together as one.
Of course, a great concert wouldn’t be possible without a great director. Mrs. Dubois keeps each choir in line and helps us all get to the levels we’re at. We couldn’t wish for a more dedicated and loving director, and I hope she plans to stay for a while longer and keep the choirs growing.