The History of the Most Influential Musician of the 2010’s Pt. 2

A Continuation of a Journey Through Tyler, The Creator’s Discography



After Tyler, The Creator’s Flower Boy album dropped in 2017, he would begin to ride a torrential wave of success that only got higher and more dangerous as time went on. While Flower Boy flourished in an aesthetic sense with incredibly personal anecdotes throughout the tracks, IGOR, Tyler’s sixth studio album, crafted a tangential narrative about a love triangle that surpassed all of his other six albums stylistically and musically.

My first go-around with IGOR was not the greatest experience. I didn’t listen to the album from the first track to the last in order, I just listened to it on shuffle. I was mowing my front lawn and was introduced to the album with the sixth track NEW MAGIC WAND, a song about Tyler plotting to get rid of his lover’s girlfriend with his “new magic wand,” a clever slang term for a gun. The track can only be described as a noisy, brash, Bastard-esque banger and, as much as I love it now, scared me off from the album for a long time. I had thought that if that was how the album started, how would the album continue to sound? I lost interest and didn’t completely listen to IGOR until two years later. If you are someone who enjoys narrative driven music then PLEASE DO NOT listen to IGOR on shuffle. The album is intended to be experienced as a complete story, from start to finish.

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IGOR is a narrative masterpiece. It tackles feelings of jealousy, anger, depression, regret, and acceptance all within the context of Tyler being the homewrecker in a love triangle, messing around with another boy who was already dating a girl at the time. Tyler feels like a sidekick to his secret lover, hence the name of the album.

IGOR would end up winning Tyler his first and only Grammy in 2019 for rap. His talents were finally being recognized in a critical, professional environment, establishing him as an impeccable singer, song writer, musician, and producer. Flowing off of the success of Flower Boy and IGOR, Tyler began to travel the world with his friends and experience new horizons, both personally and professionally.

Just last summer, following his two year release pattern, Tyler, The Creator released his seventh studio album CALL ME IF YOU GET LOST, or CMIYGL for short. CMIYGL is an album about travel, exploration, and hardcore boasting. While it is my favorite album of his based off of the sounds and feelings the track creates, it is one of his weakest albums narratively. He boasts about his wealth and talent throughout the entire album, constantly being interrupted by DJ Drama, Tyler’s hype man. I love the album and, on a technical level, it is his best produced album yet, it still feels like it is missing something conceptually and narratively, something that IGOR had plenty of.

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All in all, Tyler, The Creator has it all. He’s got the looks, the talent, the vision, etc. If you are someone who enjoys hip-hop, listen to Flower Boy. If you are someone who enjoys grungy rap, listen to Goblin or Bastard. If you are someone who enjoys conceptual albums, listen to IGOR. Tyler has a little bit of something for everyone and is certainly one of the best and most creative musicians out there.