senior spring break


Spring break is a time that every student looks forward to during school. We get two weeks off of school that we get to go on vacations, or do anything that we want. This year for my senior spring break I got to go on a cruise with my mom. It was a five day cruise that went to places like Nassau, and Princess Cays in the Bahamas. It was one of my favorite places that I have gotten to travel to.

We first had to fly to Jacksonville, Florida so that we could get onto the boat. We left at six in the morning on the first Sunday of spring break. Once we got to Jacksonville we got a hotel. We spent the first day laying outside since the weather was nice. The next day we had to get an uber to take us to the cruise port. We got to the ship around eleven and had to wait in security for around an hour. Once we got through security we were on the boat. We got the keys so we could take our luggage to our room. The first thing we did was look around at everything that was on our boat. We had a pool, restaurants, shops, a m bn bini god course, and even a spa. The first and second day on the bat was just a day at sea. We got to do anything we wanted on the boat.

The third day on the boat was our first stop at Nassau. We ordered tickets that took us to a beach that had swings, animals, and a lighthouse. The first thing we got to do was get on a  boat that took us to a part of the island that would allow us to swim with the pigs. We each got a cup of food and got to pet and feed the pigs. After we got to hold one of the baby pigs,, and take a picture with them. After we finished, the boat took us back to the main island. They served us a traditional lunch that was; brown rice, teriyaki chicken, fish, and mixed vegetables. We got to walk around and tan at the beach for a couple more hours before we had to go back to our cruise. Once we got back on our boat we had a formal dinner to go to. Each night you got to choose what you wanted for a three course meal. The had servers for each of the tables, and they would perform different shows each night 

The next day we were at our next stop, Princess Cays. We got on another small boat that would take us to the main island. On this island we bought tickets that allowed us to get to snorkel with stingrays. It was a really fun experience to have. We got to hold and touch the stingrays. After our hour was up we went to a buffet and got our lunch. Then we looked around the rest of the island and went to all of their shops. I bought a couple pieces of jewelry and some clothing. We got back to our cruise layed out, and went to dinner. The next day was another day at sea that we just got to walk around the boat and do whatever we wanted. The next day we got off the boat and went back to our hotel until we were ready to get onto our plane. 

This vacation was one of the best ones that I’ve ever been on. If you ever get the change to go I would strongly encourage it.