How I Became Interested In Physical Therapy

How I Became Interested In Physical Therapy

It was while sitting at the dining room table during a family dinner. My aunt was going around the room asking each of my cousins and I, “So what would all of you want to do after high school?” I always hated this question because I’ve never been one of those students who has their entire life planned out by freshman year. Growing up, I never really was one who worried about education after high school. It just never sparked my interest; therefore, I never knew what I wanted to do with my life after graduation. That’s when my Aunt Tracy decided to take it into her own hands to help me figure out some ideas for a post high school education career.

She is aware of the fact that I do love to help out others in any way possible. I really enjoy helping out the community and putting others before myself. She started to speak about different jobs that may be fitting for me, but I found myself uninterested in pretty much everything. This was until she talked more in depth about what she does for her career. She is a physical therapy assistant who works at the Ascension Health Center in Peru. Tracy began explaining all that she does everyday at her job. Her favorite part about working at the health center is being able to see her patients everyday. It warms her heart to know that she is helping them not only with their physical health, but helping their mindset. Knowing that she is helping motivate every one of her clients makes her feel as if it is her purpose to help in any way she can. Physical therapy did somewhat interest me, but at the time it did not seem very realistic. 

Over the next few months I honestly did not think too much of it. I still would avoid thinking about after high school plans because I still felt unsure and scared. I then decided to finally do some more research on physical therapy. I eventually started to gain more interest in the subject. I felt that I could do really well in the field and that I would love to be able to help anyone who is physically incapable of performing primary actions. Physical therapy is an occupation that I can see myself doing for a very many years. Over time, I have become very passionate about becoming a physical therapy assistant. 

As I’m well into senior year now, it’s time for me to start getting ideas on what my plan is for life after graduation. My plan is to attend Indiana University of Kokomo to become a physical therapy assistant. The best advice that I could give to any student who is trying to figure out what they want to do after high school is to find something that you are more than passionate about. It is completely normal to be indecisive about those decisions, and you should never feel as if you have to be thrown into something. Once you find that one thing you are passionate about, stick with it. Do not stress over money or success because the more passionate you are about that one thing, the success and money will come easily.

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