The Perfect Travel Destination


Imagine wanting to travel to somewhere tropical over spring break, but have no idea on where to travel? Aruba is a  country located north of Venezuela and near the equator. Aruba is cheap, a perfect travel destination, beautiful, and many activities to do there. 

In 2019, My family and I went on our first trip to Aruba. It was such a beautiful island that is about the size of Cass county. The plane ride was about 8 hours long which is less than going to hawaii! We enjoyed the trip so much that we go every year for spring and fall break!

First, Aruba is a cheaper way to enjoy your time away, unlike most tropical destinations. The prices for going out of the country can be outrageous, but since Aruba is a smaller destination the flights end up being cheaper than Florida flights. There are several farmer markets and grocery stores that sell groceries for a low price. Most restaurants are not very expensive, unlike some chain restaurants. My favorite restaurant there is Le Petit Cafe. Le Petit Cafe is where you can cook your food on stone while watching tourists walk the town. Another restaurant that is interesting is Linda’s. It is a breakfast cafe that is known for their dutch pancakes. You can put any combinations with the pancakes to make them taste like a treat! Most of these restaurants are very affordable which makes it easy to enjoy fun restaurants like those.

The weather is one of my favorite parts when it comes to traveling from the midwest to the equator. It is very warm, with little rain there. Aruba is a desert, so it is known for little precipitation and sun. It is around eighty five degrees all year round, which is perfect for spring break since it is typically around twenty degrees. 

There are several entertainment factors that Aruba brings to its guests. There are many activities from museums, the beach, zoos, aloe factory tours, and much more! My favorite activities when we visit are playing beach volleyball and going to the aloe factory. The aloe factory includes tours and stores with their hand made aloe products! When walking down the streets, there are many shops with handmade items such as bracelets, bags, and pottery that the natives sell to the tourists.

Finally, the community is a very welcoming group of people. Most of the time when traveling the natives can be rude to its tourists because they like to take over the land, but in Aruba they are very welcoming! Most of the natives give tours around the town, and take you on some adventures that you may not find anywhere else. 

In conclusion, Aruba is a fantastic tourist destination. It has many fun activities that all ages can enjoy, warm weather, small area, affordable prices, and welcoming people. Remember the next time you want to get a tan or travel, Aruba may be the place for you!